Testimonials for medical tourism in Romania


“I just want to say that all of your assistance was invaluable to me.” 

Rose B., Liverpool


“With Ioana coordinating arrangements, it went all extremely well! 

The medical trip, quality-wise, exceeded my expectations!” 

Madison P., Preston 



”Personale qualificato, non solo nell’agenzia, ma anche nella clinica, 

sempre a disposizione per ogni esigenza ed affidabile.” 

Tommaso C., Ferrara


“Ho scelto TransylvaniaMed perché pensa ad ogni particolare;  

ha reso la mia esperienza medica piacevole e confortevole. 

Grazie anche ai medici della clinica dentale; sono dei veri professionisti.”

Paolo M., Viterbo


“Persone competenti e flessibili; servizi medici di qualità in una bellissima città della Transilvania.”

Chiara B., Chioggia


“Le migliori condizioni di alloggio, qualità degli interventi medici. 

Tutto sommato, ci tornerò, almeno per esaurire le escursioni che non mi sono 

ancora goduto durante la prima visita.”

Fabio L., Vicenza



« Clinique vraiment à la hauteur de sa renommée - à recommander! 

Merci à toute l'équipe de Transilvaniemed pour leur aide et leur soutien. 

J’ai apprécié la simplicité des démarches. Trop content! » 

Roland B., Ile-de-France


« Tout est bien organisé, le chauffeur,  le logement, l'accueil, les traitements. 

Service impeccable. »

Laure G., Ile-de-France

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About us

If you are looking for quality dental or cosmetic surgery tourism solutions, we are the first choice for you. We manage all the steps of your journey, we assist you during your medical tourism experience in Romania and we offer, in many ways, peace of mind.

From the very first phone call, our medical tourism agency will be there every step of the way to make sure you have the best quality experience in Romania.

From start to finish, we will always be fully committed to you and your needs. We offer immediate response with all the details of your journey so that you have a worry free medical tourism experience. We can organize your journey to Romania based on your requirements and budget, making your visit in Transylvania as stress free and enjoyable as possible.




Phone: +4 (0) 743 310 393 

Email: info@transylvaniamed.com  

Cluj - Napoca, Romania