Our Dental Guarantee

 We Are Committed to Your Dental Work Abroad!


Rarely, a dental clinic abroad will offer a written guarantee on its work. We do it because we believe you are choosing a reputable dental clinic in Romania that will guarantee our work. We want you to feel your dental treatment abroad is worth what you are investing.

Dental implants – 5 years
Crowns - 5 years
Skeletal prosthesis - 3 years

For more detailed information on guarantees, each procedure or an estimate for your needed dental treatment abroad, please contact us.

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About us

If you are looking for quality dental or cosmetic surgery tourism solutions, we are the first choice for you. We manage all the steps of your journey, we assist you during your medical tourism experience in Romania and we offer, in many ways, peace of mind.

From the very first phone call, our medical tourism agency will be there every step of the way to make sure you have the best quality experience in Romania.

From start to finish, we will always be fully committed to you and your needs. We offer immediate response with all the details of your journey so that you have a worry free medical tourism experience. We can organize your journey to Romania based on your requirements and budget, making your visit in Transylvania as stress free and enjoyable as possible.




Phone: +4 (0) 743 310 393 

Email: info@transylvaniamed.com  

Cluj - Napoca, Romania